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1. In Haiti the French requested to have a meeting with Toussaint L’Ouverture. At the meeting he was arrested and then exiled to France where he died in prison.

2. In Nigeria a British officer requested to have a meeting with King Jaja. Upon arriving at the meeting Jaja was arrested and later deported to the West Indies.

3. In Sierra Leone the British attacked Bai Bureh. By Bai Bureh’s own account he was on peaceful terms with the British and didn’t even realize he was at war with them until he got word that the British had killed some of his people and were planning to kill him. The British later made it appear as though Bai Bureh started the war when they imposed taxes on him—by Bai Bureh’s own account no one asked him to pay taxes, yet if you go on Wikipedia right now they will give you the colonialists side of what happened.

4.The Wuchale Treaty signed between Ethiopia and Italy had two separate versions, one in Italian and the other in Amharic. Menelik was unaware of this as he did not speak Italian or have an translators who did. After this incident, Menelik took very extra precautions when making treaties with Europeans.



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In the lab. Just figured out how to make these colors in the textures that I love. This is going to be good. 😌

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Jessica Williams talks to John Tamny, columnist for Forbes

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